2019 Sorento front cigarette lighter not the fuse


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May 16, 2021
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We have a 2019 Sorento. The front cigarette lighters have gone out. The back ones work. I swapped the 2 fuses in the engine compartment and the problem stayed in the front. So it is not the fuse. We had this to the dealer one time before. They blamed an after-market power outlet to USB charge plug. They said it was a fuse. My wife drives the car and she just stopped using the plugs. Today I got her a vacuum cleaner that uses that plug and it wont work in the front nor any of the other things we have that use those plugs. The fuses are 20 amps. That is pretty strong.
Is there anything between the fuse and the plugs in the front? My wife is going back to the dealer, but to be honest I really don't trust them. The car warranty is almost over. I always think they are just buying time until it is off their hands. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am good with electrical.