2021 SX Problems

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First time Kia owner and I bought the 2021 Sorento SX. The vehicle was a very smooth drive and comfortable for a smaller SUV (downsized from a Honda Odyssey). We had our sorento for 2 weeks before making a trip to TN (from upstate NY). The ride was fine until we got about 6 hours from home. The car was really acting funny going from full stop, it would shake and the engine would rev like it couldn’t find the gear. Then there was a clicking noise coming from the wheels and our emergency braking would engage in us while driving with no vehicles in front of us. When we got home we took the car to the dealer. We couldn’t get a rental vehicle for 5 days (they said they didn’t have any available) and when we did we were given a Sportage that was disgusting and had almost no gas in it. My car spent 17 days in the shop- new gas pedal (not sure why), computer update (apparently this was to fix the sensor issue with emergency brakes engaging) and it needed new rear couplings (for the clicking noise). The couplings were on B/O for 3 weeks! We spoke with a manger and they took them off a new sorento on the lot to put on ours. Finally got the car back and have been driving it for 5 days and now my radio isn’t working right. It kicks me out of Apple car play randomly or it doesn’t even acknowledge a device being plugged in. Took the car to the dealer and the software updates didn’t fix it. Now I’m waiting for Kia to ok them replacing my radio. I’ll be honest, I’m not loving this car or all the issues. I’m a first time Kia owner and with everything going on this will probably be my last. Unfortunately with this being a brand new vehicle I can’t even trade it for something different. Is anyone else having issues or did I just end up with a POS?


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Thank you for sharing. That is such an upsetting circumstance and I hope everyone on your end is well and safe! I bought a 2021 Sorento SX Prestige (also coming from having a Honda Odyssey). 230 miles later, the engine malfunctioned. I had to involve the BBB Auto line to arbitrate and I ended up winning getting Kia to repurchase the vehicle. However, the process took a few months. I was so amazed as to how poorly KIA handled my situation, especially the dealership I bought it from. They refused to communicate with me and corporate tried to prolong the process as long as possible. I was patient and fought the good fight. I won my battle against them, but only had my car for about 40 hours total. The new Kia Sorento's are obviously having significant issues with both mechanics and with their software. KIA and their dealerships need to do better. Especially when it comes to people's safety.