Air Conditioner problems 2019

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I bought this Sorento used with 45K miles. It would emit a molldy smell when you first turn the AC on. I bought a couple of cans of stuff sold by Kia and sprayed it into the drain pipe. The other can you sprayed through the vents to kill mold. It worked very well. Now months later my AC is draining into the floor on the passenger side. I had my local guy look at it. Some of the water is coming out under the car but not enough. Kia is resisting my calls. I went to Toyota to trade it for a 4runner. They really didn't want the car. Evidently they have lots of AC problems with the 2019 Kia. Does anybody have a solution or suggestion? We are in Florida. AC is about to become a necessity.


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Take it to an AC shop or to a good Kia Dealer with an ASE mechanic. The problem you are having is a stopped up drain port in you AC unit. Think about it, when your AC condenser gets cold and the humidity in the air condenses on it and drains into the black box that houses it. That in turn drains under the car. If its clogged, it may let our some water, the rest will stay and mold or spill out into the car. It needs to be blown out with compressed air, cleaned up and then sterilized with a professional application like BG Frigi-Clean. This takes an understanding of the system. Don't give up.