Memory seats in 2021 Sorento XLine


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I just purchased a 2021 Sorento X Line and to my surprise there are no memory seats. However, when I start it up it shows Driver 1 and Driver 2 on the center screen. I believe normally it is on the side of the door but on the X Line there is a piece of wood decorative trim


I am also very disappointed. The x-line has so many configurations for the driver's seat, which is awesome. But my husband and I have a 1 ft height difference, and with so many adjustments, it's going to be a nightmare to have to try to switch back and forth. I have a back problem, so if my husband adjusts the lumbar, I'm in big trouble. I have no idea why Kia built such a nice car with this HUGE omission. It's a game changer really. Fortunately, we leased because we would not buy with this omission. Really a's such a nice car otherwise