Panoramic roof on 2017 SX does everything backwards.

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So the P-roof on my 2017 SX does everything in reverse. When you attempt to open, the glass slides back before the shade. When you close it, the shade closes before the glass. So to ensure the roof is closed and sealed, I have to get out of my car and reach back in and close the roof while I look and see if it seals. It's a pain the ass. Took it to the dealer (still under warranty) and it has been there for a MONTH. They said they had to replace the motor. I'm no mechanic but that doesn't sound right. The pieces move back and forth fine. They're just in the wrong order. That doesn't sound like a motor issue to me. Seem more like a "crossed wire" situation. Anyone else have this problem or have an educated guess as to what's going on? Because they don't.